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For vegetative reproduction of animals and fungi, see Budding. .... A plant that persists in a location through vegetative reproduction of individuals ... However, as can be seen in many variegated ...

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Sep 24, 2013 ... These methods are generally referred to as vegetative propagation. Many plants can reproduce this way naturally, but vegetative propagation ...

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In plants, asexual reproduction is called vegetative propagation. ... Irises can reproduce sexually through pollen and seeds but sometimes will use rhizomes to  ...


Vegetative propagation is a form of asexual reproduction of a plant. ... New plants grow from parts of the parent plant. ... These plants can then be separated.

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Biology article by D G Mackean introducing vegetative reproduction in plants, ... and, because of their buds and underground food stores, can still grow after their  ...

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Plants can reproduce either sexually (through spores or seeds) or asexually ... for plants to reproduce vegetatively, while in the tropics vegetative reproduction is ...

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Vegetative propagation or vegetative reproduction is the process of ... Plants raised through vegetative propagation are the exact genetic copies of ... A longitudinal cut can also be made in branch and wet moss can be placed under the flap.

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In plants such as Bryophyllum (also known as "mother of thousands") or the ... onions, garlic, tulip, daffodil, and hyacinth, the bulb is the unit of vegetative propagation. ... The axillary buds always found at the node (where the leaves attach) can ...

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Through asexual reproduction, many plants can produce genetically identical offshoots (clones) of themselves, which then develop into independent plants.

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Methods of vegetative reproduction used for herbaceous landscape plants include .... that can provide the material for vegetative reproduction through layering.

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Q: What are three plants that reproduce by vegetative propagation?
A: the four you used if you're from the school i think you're from are: hens and chickens, bryophyllum, coleus, and tradescantia. Read More »
Q: Can bryophytes reproduce through vegetative propagation?
A: Yes they do and there are several methods In moss there is protonema that has a number of bulbils . Each one of the can produce a moss plant vegetatively. Click... Read More »
Q: Why can plants be propagated through their seed?
A: because of Devon Clements. Read More »
Q: Vegetative Propagation - How can a plant grow from a leaf or stem...
A: In many plants, cells in the stem tips, root tips, leaves, and certain other areas of the plant are capable of becoming different kinds of plant tissue. These c... Read More »
Q: What plants can reproduce through leaves?
A: African violet - Saintpaulia sp Begonias - some Source(s): Rusted botanic and gardening Knowledge Read More »