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William M. Boyle


William Marshall Boyle Jr. (February 2, 1902 – August 30, 1961) was a Democratic political ... attracting the attention of Kansas City, Missouri political boss Thomas Pendergast, who made Boyl...

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people in power. Political machines controlled the activities of a political party in a city and ... Many precinct captains and political bosses were first-generation or.

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Boss Tweed, the last of the Tammany Hall politicians was an exception. The power of the ... The precinct captains were the machine's workhorses. Each precinct ...

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Aug 23, 2011 ... SE: US 3A City Bosses and Political Machines. ... Ward bosses, precinctcaptains Like a pyramid: local City Boss = Power broker (most werepre.

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Each neighborhood of vote giving employees was run by a "precinct captain. ... time, the original immigrants evolved into the neighborhood captains and machine bosses. ... The real strength of the political machines used to dominate local ...

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Urban political machines, built largely on the votes of diverse immigrant populations ... The “last boss” controlled an estimated 35,000 patronage jobs, the use of ... for the party at election time and precinct captains who produced healthy victory ...

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Many precinct captains and political bosses were first-generation or ... funds in the 1860s ended up in the pockets of Boss Tweed (the political boss of the.

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Political bosses and precinct captains typically performed all of the following functions except [A] running settlement houses. [D] delivering votes at election time.

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Aug 10, 2009 ... Another important First Ward Democratic precinct captain with ... Jake Guzik became the de facto political boss of the First Ward issuing orders ...

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The precinct is the most basic unit of the American political structure. ... demonstrated by the old urban political machines and the infamous “ward bosses ” who.

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... with a little help from a friend who stole a precinct ballot box and altered the ballots. ... The county political boss died and Hague's political prospects improved. .... Despite great obstacles placed in his way by the Democrat ward captain who ...

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Political machines controlled the activities of political parties in the city. Ward bosses, precinct captains, and the city boss worked to ensure that their candidates ...

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Political Bosses In Urban America: Corruption or Contribution? ... From this disorganization, the political boss, a distinctive .... The ward heeler or precinct captain.