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Polyamide-imides are either thermosetting or thermoplastic, amorphous polymers that have exceptional mechanical, thermal and chemical resistant properties.

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Polyamides have very good mechanical properties, are particularly tough and have excellent sliding and wear characteristics. Properties vary from the hard and  ...

Nylons (Polyamide) - British Plastics Federation


The name "nylons" refers to the group of plastics known as polyamides. Nylons are ... providing an extremely broad range of available properties. Nylon is used ...

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The properties of the polyamides (nylons), which include high strength, abrasion resistance, and resilience, make them very important in the manufacture of ...

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Nylon (polyamide) property information is described on 6500+ technical data sheets with property info on nylon 6, nylon 66, nylon copolymers, etc.

Polyamide Fabric


This website deals with everything related to polyamide fabric, ... moisture quickly and is highly elastic in nature and also has elasticity recovery properties.

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Properties ... Polyamide Characteristics. Exceptionally strong; Elastic; Abrasion resistant; Lustrous; Easy to wash; Resistant to ...

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Polyamide is a type of synthetic fabric that contains sweat-wicking and water- repelling properties that make it an ideal material for outerwear and sports clothing.

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Polyamides have excellent mechanical properties and can be either hard and tough or soft and flexible. They absorb moisture and have excellent slide and ...

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May 8, 2016 ... IntroductionMaterial PropertiesFollowup QuestionsVariant ... PA 6 is a thermoplastic material, further classified as a polyamide (Nylon) plastic.

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Properties of Polyamides - Polymer Data


Properties. Polyamides (PAs) are usually produced either by the reaction of a diacid with a diamine or by ring-opening polymerization of lactams. They are either ...

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Polyamide (Nylon) plastic information including features, uses, disadvantages, troubleshooting, typical properties, and processing data.

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mechanical properties of polyamides (nylon) with time and temperature effects ... mechanical properties. (tensile and fatigue) of polyamide (PA), or nylon, based.