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Pound sign


The pound sign (£) is the symbol for the pound sterling—the currency of the United Kingdom (UK). The same symbol is used for similarly named currencies such ...

How do I type a British pound sign as my keyboard does not have ...


Jul 27, 2012 ... I have a report in an email which needs a British pound sign in a password to open it, but my keyboard does not have this sign. I suspect there ...

Pound Sign - Alt Codes


Pound sign alt code and unicode character, learn how to make and write a Pound symbol currency character with letter and number.

GBP - British Pound rates, news, and tools - XE.com


The currency code for Pounds is GBP, and the currency symbol is £. ... Common names for the British Pound include the Pound Sterling, Sterling, Quid, Cable, ...

What is the origin of the pound sign (£)? - Oxford Dictionaries


The symbol for the Japanese yen was probably invented by analogy with the pound and dollar symbols, as it is a capital Y with one or two bars across it.

Type the British Pound Symbol in Mac OS X - OS X Daily


Nov 8, 2009 ... Hit Option+3 to type the British Pound symbol on a Mac keyboard, here's ... case gives the pound sterling (£) symbol, and gives the # symbol.

ASCII code Pound sign ; symbol for the pound sterling, American ...


ASCII code Pound sign ; symbol for the pound sterling, American Standard Code for Information Interchange, ASCII table, characters, letters, vowels, consonants ...

£(GBP) sign on US keyboard - Laptops - Windows XP - Tom's Hardware


I can get a £ sign on it with keyboard shortcuts or otherwise? Thanks ... I find the pound or number sign (#), above the 3, to be rather useless at ...

Pound Sterling symbol [closed] - Ask LibreOffice


Oct 9, 2014 ... I am using Ubuntu 14.04 with a Spanish keyboard and cant find out how to print the Pound Sterling symbol Any help.

currency format - How to type pound sign(£) using US keyboard, in ...


Jun 5, 2011 ... How to type pound sign(£) using US keyboard, in Windows, Linux and Mac? .... I can't manage to have my sterling sign associated with my ...

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Pound sterling currency sign £ (pound symbol on your keyboard)


Jul 19, 2014 ... Find out how to type £ pound currency sign directly from your keyboard. Use it in finance, put it on Facebook. It's what they call money in Britain ...

Type euro symbol, pound symbol, cent symbol, yen symbol, and ...


Type currency symbols euro, pound, cent, yen, etc. ... you to easily type currency symbols, such as the euro symbol, pound symbol, cent symbol, yen symbol, etc.

Pound Sterling Symbol - British Pound Sterling


The currency sign for the unit of money in the United Kingdom is the pound sterling symbol. It originally was a cursive capital L with two cross-bars which looked ...