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In mathematics, a parabola is a plane curve, which is mirror-symmetrical, and is approximately ... This reflective property is the basis of many practical uses of parabolas. The parabola has many important applications, from a parabolic antenna ...


THE USES OF PARABOLAS. Like the ellipse the parabola and its applications can be seen extensively in the world around us. The shape of car headlights, ...


Braking Distance Formula. The following table is taken from a Virginia Division of Motor Vehicles Manual and it shows the Reaction Distance, the Braking ...


Anything moving freely through space but under the influence of gravity will form a parabola. ... same as a telescope mirror. I'm sure there's plenty of other practical uses, but none seem to be coming to mind just now. 4.3k Views · 2 Upvotes ...


You can always make up a real-world application... Say you are walking along a parabola-shaped path, when you see a bear at the focus.


Provide two examples of real life objects that incorporate parabolic shapes. Explain the ... I need at least one practical application of the Pythagorean Theorem.


Learn more about applications of the parabola in the Boundless open textbook. Parabolas have important applications in physics, engineering, and nature.


Apr 25, 2017 ... The parabola appears when graphing a quadratic equation, which in its basic form can be written as y=x^2. The shape occurs naturally in the ...


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