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The timeline of historic inventions is a chronological list of particularly important or significant ... Further information: Outline of prehistoric technology. The dates ...


Chronological list of human developments and inventions from the Paleolithic to the Bronze Age based on the present archeological evidence.


Oct 7, 2007 ... The use of ropes for hunting, pulling, fastening, attaching, carrying, lifting, and climbing dates back to prehistoric times and has always been ...


INVENTIONS AND DISCOVERIES including The dawn of discovery, Needle and thread, Bow and arrow, Making fire, Felt rugs and rush matting.


Apr 8, 2014 ... However, many ancient inventions were forgotten, lost to the pages of history, only to be re-invented millennia later. Here we feature ten of the ...


There have been many inventions that changed the world for the better ... Today, we will explore the ten most important prehistoric inventions and what effect ...


Prehistoric Inventions. Development. Years Before Present. Stone tools (core tools). 2,800,000. Fire. 1,800,000. Cooking. 1,000,000. Log rafts. 800,000.


Art is one of the most enigmatic aspects of prehistory. It has meanings and functions beyond our present understanding.


And farming revolutionized the world and set prehistoric humans on a course toward modernity. Inventions such as the plow helped in the planting of seeds.


Aug 9, 2016 ... We have been on this planet, depending on how you define "we", for two million years now. Here's what I choose for our top ten inventions of all ...