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Definition[edit]. Pressure is the amount of force applied perpendicular to the surface of an object per unit area. The symbol for it is p or ...


Pressure is a force defined as a push that acts over a certainarea.


Define Pressure and force ... Pressure Pressure depends on how much force or weight is exerted, and over the area on which that force is applied: greater force, more pressure. This is the equation for working out pressure: pressure = force ÷ ...


Pressure. Pressure is defined as force per unit area. It is usually more convenient to use pressure rather than force to describe the influences upon fluid behavior ...


Pressure is kind of like force, but not quite. ... this concept precise, we use the idea of pressure. Pressure is defined to be the amount of force exerted per area.


Force and Pressure are the concepts acting simultaneously on the body in motion. ... The force is hence defined as the physical cause that changes or tends to ...


force - Force, Area, and Pressure - Pressure is a measure of the amount of force acting on a given amount of surface area. A quantitative, or mathematical, ...


Hydrostatic pressure definition at Dictionary.com, a free online dictionary with ... a fluid at equilibrium at a given point within the fluid, due to the force of gravity.


Is this average force not equivalent to pressure, or do we have to define the molecular forces between molecules differently than pressure?