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Noncardiac Chest Pain - Behavioral Medicine Clinic - University at ...


Noncardiac chest pain typically is felt behind the breast bone (sternum) and is described as oppressive, squeezing or pressure-like. It may radiate to the neck, ...

Chest Pain, Chronic | Search by Symptom - FamilyDoctor.org


Symptoms include discomfort, shortness of breath or pain with swallowing. ... Do you have fullness and pain under your breastbone or in the upper right side of ...

Hiatal Hernia Symptoms, Causes, Treatment And Prevention


... Can A Hiatal Hernia Cause Pain Under Breastbone And Heart Palpitations Also ... Chest pain or pressure in the chest originating in the sternum (below your  ...

Upper GI Discomfort--what should I do? | ProHealth Fibromyalgia ...


But feeling of fullness or bloating right under my sternum, pressure and fullness in my chest. And, it feels like I can't really get a full breath, and ...

Chest pain: MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia


Chest pain is discomfort or pain that you feel anywhere along the front of your ... Under the breast bone? ... Chest tightness; Chest pressure; Chest discomfort ...

What Are the Causes of Pain Below Sternum? | LIVESTRONG.COM


Mar 7, 2011 ... Many conditions can cause pain below the sternum. According to the ... What Are the Causes of Pain on the Right Side Under the Bottom Rib?

Heart Attack or Heartburn? | alive


Mar 25, 2010 ... With both a heart attack and heartburn, you may feel burning or pressure behind your sternum, (also known as the breastbone), the flat bone in ...

Pain Below Breastbone (Under, Behind Sternum) Causes ...


Any pain in the chest area, whether high up or lower down, slightly to the left or right of the midline, is naturally a cause for concern especially among adults.

Causes of Upper Middle Abdominal (Stomach) Pain | Healthhype.com


Burning pain below and behind the breastbone and/or in the throat and acidic ... and examination of the sample of the gastric mucosa under the microscope. ... the stomach pain persists as a dull pain accompanied by the feeling of pressure.

Causes of Breast Bone Pain (Sternum) | Healthhype.com


Tuberculosis and pneumonia may also cause pain under the breast bone ... Light pressure on my sternum brings me to tears, breathing is really difficult and it ...

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Pain or discomfort, Pain or discomfort, Pressure or heaviness and ...


Pain or discomfort (Chest), Pain or discomfort (Chest (sternum)), Pressure or heaviness ... A broken breastbone is an emergency and may cause pain, swelling, ...

Chest Pain and Tightness in Chest. Chest pain causes. | Patient


Cartilage attaches the ribs to the breastbone (sternum) and the sternum to the collar bones (clavicles). ... Pressure over the affected area also causes sharp pain.

Chest pain: First aid - Mayo Clinic


Causes of chest pain can vary from minor problems, such as indigestion or stress ... Uncomfortable pressure, fullness or squeezing pain in the center of the chest ...