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Orthographic projection (sometimes orthogonal projection), is a means of representing ..... The term axonometric projection (not to be confused with the related principle of axonometry, as described in Pohlke's theorem) is used to describe the ...


The Plan is projected onto a Plane underneath the object, at 90 degrees to the Vertical Plane, this ... This is a fundamental principle of Orthographic projection.


Plates IX to XV, inclusive, are to be drawn by the student for practice in applying the principles of orthographic projection, intersections and developments, ...


1. Top view is directly over the front view.2. Side view is inline horizontally with either top view or front view.3.


The principle of first angle orthographic projection. VP – Vertical Plane. HP – Horizontal Plane. SVP – Side Vertical Plane. Step 1 – The form is suspended in a  ...


The Principles of Orthographic Drawing & Dimensioning. Orthographic ... Orthographic drawings are the projection of views on a drawing. It is necessary to show ...


Orthographic projection is a means of representing a three-dimensional (3D) object ... The following videos and links define the basic principles of orthographic ...

Sep 12, 2009 ... Podcast 10Orthographic Projection. The basics of manual drawing board skills demonstrated in drawing a simple cube orthographic.


Jul 29, 2009 ... ORTHOGRAPHIC PROJECTION AN INTRODUCTION Orthographic Projections <ul><li>Orthographic Projections are a collection of 2- Defining ...


Jul 14, 2012 ... THEORY OF ORTHOGRAPHIC PROJECTION. 1. PROJECTION. A method to describe shape by the process of causing an image to be.