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Tourist places around the world are struggling with tourism. On the one hand, tourists bring much needed revenue to bolster the local economy. On the other ...

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[click to enlarge]. A view of Rio de Janeiro. Benefits and problems of tourism. Tourism can bring both benefits and problems to an area. Positive effects of tourism.

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Nepal has not been able to provide transportation and communication facilities in all sectors. So, tourists who visit Nepal cannot get a chance to observe all parts ...

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Though Nepal is culturally, naturally and geographically rich, here are some problems and challenges to promote the tourism industries. This note contains the ...

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On one hand, tourism wields tremendous economic positive outcomes: it is one of the world's most significant sources of economic outcomes and employment.

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Whether floating along the Ganges River at sunset, climbing the steps of the Taj Mahal or tracing the path of the imposing sandstone Red Fort, tourists flock to ...

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The world has changed dramatically over the past 10 years, but some of the issues that faced the tourism industry in the early 1990's are still here today.

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The positive and negative impacts of tourism in the Lake District. ... in Affordable housing; More pollution and litter; More traffic congestion and parking issues ...

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Environmental impacts. Tourism can create great pressure on local resources such as energy, food, land and water that may already be in short supply.

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shall therefore, take up the problems of mass or unplanned tourism and shall look into the possible regional as well as national policies for adopting measures to.

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The positive and negative impacts of tourism. Making tourism sustainable ... Park and what the national park authority has done to help reduce the problems.

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Overdevelopment for tourism has the same problems as other coastal developments, but often has a greater impact as the tourist developments are located at or ...

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Some of the Major Current Issues Confronting Tourism. July 2006. Few people would question that tourism and travel can be highly volatile industries. A great ...