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NPL (for NonProcedural Language) was a relational database language developed by T.D. ... In general, a non-procedural language (also called a declarative language) requires the ... This programming-language-related article is a stub.


Procedural programming is a programming paradigm, derived from structured programming, ... The first major procedural programming languages first appeared circa 1960, including Fortran, ALGOL, COBOL and BASIC. ... and for , to implement control flow, whereas non-structured imperative languages use goto statements ...


non-procedural language. A computer language that does not require writing traditional programming logic. Also known as a "declarative language," users ...


A basic difference is the difference between procedural and functional styles. ... programming languages, which students usually learn first, are procedural languages. ... non-intuitive to those who have only experienced procedural languages, ...


Declarative. Describe a result and get it via a black box. The opposite of imperative. Examples: ... Tends to be in the procedural category, typically refers to languages that exhibit a hierarchy of types that inherit both methods and state from base ...


Aug 22, 2008 ... A functional language (ideally) allows you to write a mathematical function, i.e. a ..... In imperative (or non-pure functional) languages this is not needed because you can .... OOP vs Functional Programming vs Procedural.


Mostly every programming languages are Procedural but like sql, basic, etc are non Procedural language.


SQL Data Definition. Non-Procedural Programming. • SQL is a declarative. (non- procedural) language. • Procedural - say exactly what the computer has to do.


Mar 3, 2015 ... In procedural languages a program is written as sequence of instructions. We have to specify what to do and how to do (step by step ...


of nonprocedural languages are described, and a number ... Procedural programming is based to a great extent ... formal notation versus English) is a matter of.