The Description of PROFIBUS Protocol
PROFIBUS stands for Process Field Bus. It is a standard for wiring networks for manufacturing automation. The term "bus" refers to a bundle of wires operating together and collected together by a plug. The plug will have several pins, each accessing a... More »
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Subsequently in 1993, the specification for the simpler and thus considerably faster protocol PROFIBUS DP (Decentralised Peripherals) was completed.

PROFIBUS Protocol Overview - Real Time Automation

Comprehensive Protocol Overview. PROFIBUS: Introduction PROFIBUS is not one communication system, but a variety of protocols built on the same field-bus  ...

SMAR | Profibus Protocol Overview

PROFIBUS is an open field, supplier-independent network standard, whose interface permits a vast application in processes, manufacture and building ...

Overview - Profibus International

Utilizing a single, standardized, application-independent communication protocol , PROFIBUS supports fieldbus solutions both in factory and process automation ...

FAQ - Profibus International

PI was formerly know as PROFIBUS International. It is the umbrella organization responsible for the PROFIBUS protocol and its promotion and support across ...

Introduction to Profibus-DP -

ProfiBus was created in 1989 by the German government in cooperation with several manufacturers of automation equipment. It is a messaging format ...

1—Basics of PROFIBUS Operation - ISA

original PROFIBUS protocol, to support fast. I/O data exchange. PROFIBUS DPV1 added extensions that allowed run-time reading/writing of parameters for more ...

Profibus-Technical Description Description.pdf

PROFIBUS Nutzerorganisation e.V. ... This manual is not a substitute for the PROFIBUS standard EN 50170. In case .... 3.5 PROFIBUS Medium Access Protocol.

Profibus Specification Normative Parts

This publication contains the normative parts of the PROFIBUS-FMS / -DP / -PA specification according to the European fieldbus standard EN 50 170. These.

Popular Q&A
Q: The Description of PROFIBUS Protocol.
A: The technology was developed by a group of German companies and public institutions who formed the Central Association for the Electrical Industry, or ZVEI. Its... Read More »
Q: What is PROFIBUS protocol?
A: PROFIBUS (Process Fieldbus) is an open, standards-based industrial automation protocol. PROFIBUS is now one of the most successful and widely adopted fieldbus p... Read More »
Q: Profibus Communication Protocol.
A: A bus is like a backbone. It is a long wire to which several pieces of equipment attach. The backbone is actually a bundle of wires bound together by a single c... Read More »
Q: Do we have Profibus protocol in the DL205?
A: Yes. We offer the H2-PBC Profibus Slave Base Controller. You can view the H2-PBC-M manual in the documentation section for details. This unit operates as a slav... Read More »
Q: Is PROFIBUS a single or multi-protocol technology?
A: Within PROFIBUS there is only one communication layer implemented which is; PROFIBUS DP. Based on this communication layer, several device profiles are defined ... Read More »