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The chemical elements can be broadly divided into metals, metalloids and nonmetals according to their shared physical and chemical properties. All metals  ...

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The Metalloids are in Groups 13-16, in a zig-zag line between the metals and the non-metals.

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Periodic Properties of the Elements. Metals, Nonmetals and Metalloids ... and Metalloids. Characteristic properties of metallic and non-metallic elements: ...



Properties[edit]. Metalloids usually look like metals but behave largely like nonmetals. Physically, they are shiny, brittle solids with ...

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Their physical properties tend to be metallic, but their chemical properties tend to be non-metallic.

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What are the Chemical Properties of Metalloids? They are the characteristics that determine how they will react with other substances or change from one ...

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Metalloids are the elements found along the stair-step line that distinguishes metals from ... Metalloids have properties of both metals and non-metals. Some of  ...

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Representative metals and non metals have been reviewed along with the properties of each. Some elements however are difficult to classify as one or the other ...

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Q: What are general properties of metalloids.
A: As their name suggests, metalloids possess characteristics of metals and nonmetals. Typical characteristics of metals include a shiny luster, some degree of mal... Read More »
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Q: What are the properties of metalloids.
A: i think they have properties of both metals and nonmetals . Read More »
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Q: What are two properties of metalloids?
A: Metalloids are elements that contain both metallic and nonmetallic properties. A nonmetallic element, such as carbon, that can form an alloy with metals is the ... Read More »
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Q: What are properties of metalloids?
A: A metalloid is an element that isn't a metal but has some properties; arsenic looks like a metal but is a poor Read More »
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Q: What are some chemical properties of metalloids?
A: Metalloids tend to have an intermediate property between metals and non-metals. They may look like metals, in case of arsenic and antimony that are crystalline ... Read More »
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