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These fundamental elements form the basis of all sound waves. They can be used to describe, ...


Wavelength is the distance from one point of a wave to a similar point of the same wave; ie: crest to crest, trough to trough. Period is the time it takes for one ...


An introduction to sound waves with illustrations and explanations. Includes examples of simple wave forms.


This lesson looks at the properties of sound waves.


Properties of Sound Waves. Read from Lesson 2 of the Sound and Music chapter at The Physics Classroom: ... The wavelength of this sound wave is _____ cm.


Please note: Some links will play sound files. They are labelled with " ". You will need a multimedia computer to play them. 1. Reflection of sound waves.


The properties of waves as light and sound share certain properties as well and gives the ample opportunity to investigate the wave properties as light and ...


Learn about the properties of sound waves and how we calculate the speed of sound with BBC Bitesize KS3 Science.


Since sound is a wave, we can relate the properties of sound to the properties of a wave. The basic properties of sound are: pitch, loudness and tone.


In this section we will be looking at the basic properties of sound. ... Remember that longitudinal waves are made up of areas where the wave is compressed ...