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Protists are the members of an informal grouping of diverse eukaryotic organisms that are not animals, plants or fungi.

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All single celled organisms are placed under the Kingdom Protista. The term Protista was first used by Ernst Haeckel in the year 1886. This kingdom forms a link ...

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Biosystems. 1978 Apr;10(1-2):3-18. Protist classification and the kingdoms of organisms. Whittaker RH, Margulis L. Traditional classification imposed a division  ...

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Jun 28, 2015 ... Learn about the requirements to enter Kingdom Protista, one of the five kingdoms of life. Discover and ... Classification of Protists. Protists are ...

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Protists are difficult to characterize because of the great diversity of the kingdom. These organisms vary in body form, nutrition, and reproduction. They may be ...

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The Kingdom Protista consists of mostly unicellular multicellular organisms that are classified by the way they ... The taxonomic classification of Karenia brevis is:.

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Taxonomic classification is the hierarchical system biologists use to organize all living things. Each level or rank of classification has more categories and each ...

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Current classification is changing and likely to change greatly in ... Sixteen Phyla comprise the Kingdom Protista ... Algae and other photosynthetic protists.

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It became very difficult to group some living things into one or the other, so early in the past century the two kingdoms were expanded into five kingdoms: Protista  ...

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1 Introduction; 2 Classification of Protists; 3 Protozoa; 4 Algae. 4.1 Chlorophytes; 4.2 ... Out of the six kingdoms, Protista is the most diverse. This is the kingdom ...

Kingdom Protista
Members of the Kingdom Protista are the simplest of the eukaryotes. Protistans are an interesting assemblage of organisms classified for what they are not. Protistans lack characteristics shared by plants, fungi, and animals, but they're... More >>
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NOTE: The current system of classification for eukaryotes has been changed. In 2005, based on new phylogenetic data the kingdom Protista was split into 5.

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Protista. Classification. Starting with the four “Supergroups”, we will divide the rest into different levels called clades. A Clade is defined as a group of biological  ...

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*examples - bacteria, blue-green bacteria (cyanobacteria). animatedprotistimage KINGDOM PROTISTA (protists) -. *1 cell *have a true nucleus - eukaryote