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Colored fire is a common pyrotechnic effect used in stage productions, fireworks and by fire performers the world over. Generally, the color of a flame may be red ...


Feb 25, 2017 ... Violet flames are very easy to make. All you do is sprinkle salt substitute on your fire. Salt substitute contains potassium chloride and potassium ...


Feb 20, 2017 ... Here is how to make purple fire yourself using common ingredients. Keep in mind "purple" is a tricky fire color to produce because there is no ...

Dec 3, 2011 ... Make purple fire using common chemicals. You can vary how pink or blue the shade of purple is by changing the ratio of the ... Rainbow Flame!


Blue, orange, and yellow flames are pretty common. What about green or purple flames? When you're used to the everyday colors of flames, colorful changes ...


The violet flame (also called the violet fire) is a unique spiritual energy that can .... and undulating in endless shades of violet with gradations of purple and pink.


Color the flames of your campfire. ... How the coals glow and the flames flicker and the sparks pop and shower, ... (water softener salt), PURPLE flame. Calcium  ...


Jan 18, 2017 ... Heyyy, its been a while. Here's a new piece of my favourite demoness, Ko. It's a bit old, but I finally got around to printing her. [n... Purple Flames.


Purple flames were a type of enchanted fire used in the sixth obstacle of the defences...


Nov 11, 2016 ... Stream Purple Flames (Prod. Stuart B) by DEX from desktop or your mobile device.