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List of linguistic example sentences - Wikipedia


The following is a partial list of linguistic example sentences illustrating various linguistic ... offered the example: "Wouldn't the sentence 'I want to put a hyphen between the words...

Use put in a sentence | put sentence examples


Example sentences with the word put. put example sentences. ... with my new doll, Miss Sullivan put my big rag doll into my lap also, spelled "d-o-l-l" and tried to ...

Use feign in a sentence | feign sentence examples


How to use feign in a sentence. Example sentences with the word feign. feign example sentences.

Use feigned in a sentence | feigned sentence examples


How to use feigned in a sentence. Example sentences with the word feigned. feigned example sentences.

Use feigning in a sentence | feigning sentence examples


How to use feigning in a sentence. Example sentences with the word feigning. feigning example sentences.

Use online in a sentence - Sentence Examples - YourDictionary


How to use online in a sentence. Example sentences with the word online. online example sentences.

YourDictionary: Dictionary definitions you can understand


The easy to understand dictionary with example sentences, famous quotes and audio pronunciations. Includes: thesaurus, computer dictionary, investment ...

Sentence Examples - YourDictionary


About YourDictionary.com's Sentence Examples. ... At YourDictionary we try to give you all of the tools you need to really understand what the word means.