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Half-mast or half-staff refers to a flag flying below the summit on a pole. In many countries this is seen as a symbol of respect, mourning, distress, or in some cases, a salute. The tradition of fl...

Half Staff American Flag Notifications


President Obama has order flags to Half-Staff Honoring the Victims of the Attack in Baton Rouge, Louisiana reported by American Flag and Flagpole Co. Fly the.

Half-Staff Alerts - American Flags Express


September 3, 2016 - WISCONSIN ONLY- Honoring Staff Sergeant Matthew V. ..... **FULL STAFF** - President Obama makes proclamation to proudly fly flags for ...

When to Fly the Flag at Half Staff (Mast) - Gettysburg Flag Works


When to Fly the Flag at Half Staff (Mast) ... Memorial Day is the exception where the American flag is at half-staff from ... Order your mourning ribbon today .

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The Flag Code, which formalizes and unifies the traditional ways in which we .... To place the flag at half staff, hoist it to the peak for an instant and lower it to a ...

Obama has ordered flags at half-staff more than any ... - USA Today


Jun 16, 2016 ... Since 2009, Obama has issued 66 proclamations to fly the flag at half-staff, exceeding President George W. Bush's 58 and Bill Clinton's 50, ...

Obama has ordered flags to half-staff more than any other president ...


Jul 12, 2016 ... American flags fly at half-staff in honor of the victims of last week's shootings in ... USA Today reported recently that that's a record: Obama has ...

How and When to display the US Flag at Half Staff - Home of Heroes


Displaying the Flag at Half-Staff. There are four specific occasions during which the flag of the United States is flown at half-staff, or at the mid-way point of the ...

Flag Code FAQ part 1: general questions - USHistory.org


FAQ part 3: Half staff; Half mask ... The American Legion has been promoting flag etiquette since its founding in .... See Should I fly my flag at half-staff today?

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Find out why flags are at half mast near you today. ... are at half mast near you today. Yesterday. No info found. Today. No info found. Tomorrow. No info found ...

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HALF STAFF AMERICAN FLAG NOTIFICATIONS. Home | Half .... Fly the United States Flag at Half-Staff Immediately Until Sunset on Thursday June 16, 2016.

Flying the American Flag at Half Staff


Flying the American Flag at Half Staff. When should the flag be flown at half-staff? An easy way to remember when to fly the. United States flag at half-staff is to.

Displaying Flag at Half-Staff - USFlag.org


Flying the flag at half-staff is an area of flag etiquette that most people want to make sure they get right. It is also an area for which the road to error is routinely ...