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Most of these are black and yellow like the Eastern yellowjacket Vespula ... the queen is larger, about 19 mm/0.75 in long (the different patterns on their ...

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Learn more about the queen yellow jacket on Orkin.com, including how she begins a yellow jacket nest and reproduces.

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Jul 14, 2011 ... This is a yellow jacket wasp nest I removed from the side of my pool.

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Yellowjacket nests are established by a single queen in the spring. She builds 20 -45 cells, lays eggs in them as they are constructed, and forages for nectar and ...

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Only mated yellowjacket queens survive winter in a hibernating state, hidden in ... The initial nest contains not more then 40-50 cells in which the queen lays one ...

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Yellow Jackets have an irregular flight pattern as a mechanism of predator ... As mentioned before, for every queen trapped and killed, especially in the spring, ...

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Oct 8, 2010 ... A queen is the epicenter of each yellow jacket nest. Her sole responsibility is to lay eggs. She begins a nest in the spring by laying a few eggs ...

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The OrnamenTrap Yellow Jacket Trap is a decorative way to trap yellow jackets in your outdoor living area. Catches queen yellow jackets in spring, and workers  ...

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Yellow jackets are social insects that live in large colonies. The queen, drones and worker all have specific tasks to help support the colony. The queen lays ...

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Yellowjacket wasps often become a nuisance, especially from August ... black and yellow bands on the abdomen while the queen is larger, about 3/4-inch long.

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Q: Do yellow jacket queen bees fly.
A: Yea, I'm pretty sure they do, i just saw one, i swear its about this big: {.}, no exagerations, its butt was really long, it was scary. Read More »
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Q: Does the yellow jacket nest have queens in the same way that bees...
A: Yes. Yellow jacket colonies consist of work... Read More »
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Q: How to Draw a Yellow Jacket.
A: Although yellow jackets have a similar appearance to bees, they are actually part of the wasp family. These insects are feared by humans because of their tenden... Read More »
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