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The water vascular system is a hydraulic system used by echinoderms, such as sea stars and ... Each side of the radial canals gives rise to a row of bulb-like ampullae, which are connected via later...

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Define radial canal: one of the numerous minute canals lined with choanocytes which radiate from the paragastric cavity in some sponges and end just…

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radial canal (plural radial canals) ... of the canals extending through the substance of the umbrella from the gastric cavity to the marginal circular canal in jellyfish ...

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It leads an aquatic life The body of sycon shows pores and canals which form a complex canal ... Radial canal is lined with choanocytes or flagellated cells.

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One of the numerous canals that radiate from the spongocoel in certain Porifera. Any of the canals extending from the coelenteron to the circular canal in the ...

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Apr 24, 2015 ... Video shows what radial canal means. any of the numerous minute canals lined with choanocytes which radiate from the paragastric cavity in ...

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May 2, 2012 ... Following types of canal systems are found in sponges: Ascon type, with flagellated spongocoel; Sycon type, with flagellated radial canals ...

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(b) Radial canal or excurrent canal- It is closed externally but opens internally by minute pores or apopyles into a central cavity or cloacal cavity or gastral cavity ...