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Water vascular system


The water vascular system is a hydraulic system used by echinoderms, such as sea stars and ... Each side of the radial canals gives rise to a row of bulb-like ampullae, which are connected via later...

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1 : one of the numerous minute canals lined with choanocytes which radiate from the paragastric cavity in some sponges and end just below the surface of the ...

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radial canal (plural radial canals) ... of the canals extending through the substance of the umbrella from the gastric cavity to the marginal circular canal in jellyfish ...

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radial canal click to hear. Canal running the length of the arm; it receives water from the annular canal, which then passed into the tube feet.

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Manubrium canal: tube situated in the foot of a jellyfish. Oral arms: limb of ... Radial canal: tube that follows a ray of the umbrella of a jellyfish. Tentacles: mouth of ...

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outlet from a flagellated chamber to an excurrent canal in leuconoid sponges ... sponge through which water flows from the incurrent canal into a radial canal or ...

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This consists of radial canals that radiate away from the stomach and then connect to the ring canal (if present) shown as a pink ring in the model, and then back ...

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May 2, 2012 ... canal system in sponges. ... Body wall is secondarily folded to form incurrent and radial canals, which open into the spongocoel by an opening ...


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generally made of several cells. Water enters the sponge through these pores and moves into the incurrent canal. Water leaves this area to enter the radial canal ...



It leads an aquatic life The body of sycon shows pores and canals which form a complex canal ... Radial canal is lined with choanocytes or flagellated cells.

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Definition of radial canals – Our online dictionary has radial canals information from A Dictionary of Zoology dictionary. Encyclopedia.com: English, psychology ...

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One of the numerous canals that radiate from the spongocoel in certain Porifera. Any of the canals extending from the coelenteron to the circular canal in the ...

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Noun. (plural radial canals). any of the numerous minute canals lined with choanocytes which radiate from the paragastric cavity in some sponges and end just ...