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Radionics is an alternative medicine that claims disease can be diagnosed and treated with a kind of energy similar to radio waves. The concept behind radionics originated in the early 1900s with Al...

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Orgonite Radionics devices with Karl Welz Chi Generators to hack the universe and manifest desires with RadonicsBox Super Manifestation technology!

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Power Radionics™ is a combination of traditional radionics machines with the Chi Generator®, which I invented in 1991. Before you decide to learn about the ...

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Jul 30, 2009 ... Rad 2400 Radionics Machine Karl Hans Welz ... The addition of pulsed life force (orgone, Chi) to radionics makes it a reliable and effective tool ...

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An introduction to mind machines technology based on orgone and radionics, theories, uses, the new Welz Chi Generators (orgone generators)

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The radionics machine gives you the power to affect change in any person, any situation, any animal, pet or agricultural crop anywhere in the world, from ...



Higher Power Technologies has some of the most powerful and effective Radionic machines available at this time, all are enhanced with life force energy  ...

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Radionics was originally developed in San Francisco by Dr Albert Abrams (1863 ... The patient can be with the practitioner, can be connected to a machine, ...

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Naturally, the opaque nature of what makes a radionic device actually work has made exploitation common and kept skeptics self-satisfied. The drawbacks have  ...

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and web sites where such rip-off equipment is peddled. ... RAD 3000 HD - Early radionics device (1995) with nine dials, 100 positions each, and three dials to ...

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Finally a Radionics machine with enough etheric juice (fuel) to open a portal to other energy systems. The Psychotronic 8's CIRCLE OF POWER is a vortex of ...

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An introduction to mind machines technology based on orgone and radionics, theories, uses, the new Welz Chi Generators (orgone generators)

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Please Note: ALL Rad-Sor Hybrid instruments have Shipping & Handling prices for UNITED STATES ONLY! Thus if you live outside of the US, please contact ...