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Sinclair Radionics Ltd was a company founded by Sir Clive Sinclair in Cambridge, England ... Despite problems, illegal clones were produced in the far -east.

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Radionics instruments, information, resources and therapeutics by Nick Franks. ... The practice of Radionics may be illegal or of doubtful legal status in some ...

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Radionics is a method of sending precisely defined healing energy to people, ... The Radionic and Dowsing Institute of Canada says that ...... currently illegal.

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precedents that make all bioenergy devices look fraudulent or illegal. ... Leonard Chapman was a licensed medical doctor who used a DeLaWarr type Radionics.

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Aug 31, 2014 ... http://expansions.com/radionics Stewart and Janet Swerdlow bring back ... I dont think Radionic devices are illegal but charging people for a ...

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How can I do this? rel=sub2menu-highlander] Please send your request via email to secretary@radionic.co.uk to request a link to our website. This will then be ...

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As early as the 1890s, Albert Abrams, M.D. began the practice of "radionics. .... The use of these devices is not only illegal, it isn't even chiropractic.

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About Radionics and the Law. In early ... Radionic instruments are not approved by the F.D.A. or the medical profession. ... It is illegal to market radionics as a.

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As a beginning student of radionics, I had a horrible time of it. ... P.S. I do not advocate using radionics instruments in any illegal fashion and do not encourage  ...

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The field of radionics brings together physics and the psychic. ... Congress eagerly took the opportunity for action and made radionics completely illegal.

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Radionics is a pseudoscience based on the notion that diseases can be ... Alabama, that it was illegal to sell the BioRay Light and Sound Generator as a ...

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Radionics is a means of mind/matter interaction that employs specially-designed, ... In most instances, however, it is not illegal for Americans to own Radionic ...

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In fact, in the United States it is illegal to use Radionics for medical treatment while in Great Britain the Radionics practitioner are trained and licensed to provide ...

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Most often, those receiving radionics treatments do not ever meet their ... Radionics for human treatment is actually illegal in the United States; however, it is ...

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She had been selling the Rife device for about $3,500 and the radionics machine ... and expert testimony confirming that the devices Rettmann sold were illegal.