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How to Use a Radionic Machine
Since the dawn of civilization, humankind has found ways to channel healing energy through such mediums as crystals, Voodoo and dowsing. Modern-day radionics was ushered in by Dr. Albert Abrams (1800-1924), a prominent American physician who founded the... More »
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The concept behind radionics originated in the early 1900s with Albert Abrams ( 1864–1924), who became a millionaire by leasing radionic machines which he ...

Radionics machines software radionic devices orgonite orgone ...


radionics devices and software with orgonite orgone generators and radionic machines.

Radionics Subtle Energy and Vibrational Medicine


Radionics is a method of healing and diagnosing at a distance using the unique ... The patient can be with the practitioner, can be connected to a machine, ...

Radionics and Orgone Generators to get results and success - fast'!


Power Radionics™ is a combination of traditional radionics machines with the Chi Generator®, which I invented in 1991. Before you decide to learn about the ...

Metaphysical Tools


BRAND NEW: Thunder Tech XL PRO Radionics Machine This amazing Psychotronic / Radionic instrument is designed with 11 PRE-SET FREQUECIES + THE ...

Radionics and Radionic Devices - Energy Medicine


Free radionic device comparison and Inergetix-CoRe™ demo. A list of the conventional Radionics Machines or Software: Welz. www.radionics.org/#Mind%  ...

Radionics Machine UK Orgone Radionic Device & Psychotronic ...


Radionics Machine UK Genie Orgone Generators, Chi powered radionics, Psychotronic mind machines, free software, remedy duplicators all hand made in  ...

Radionic Machines 1 - Radionic instrument


This is the Ultimate Hybrid Psychotronic instrument, THE BEST RADIONICS MACHINE ON THE PLANET, carry case design. Powerful Life Force Energy ...

Radionic Machines and Devices For Sale - Radionics Machine


This Radionics Box has 7 tuning dials and two copper plates. One copper plate is for the personal vibrational item. This could be Hair a nail clipping of blood but ...

Popular Q&A
Q: I want to purchase a Radionic Machine for Homoeopathic drugs?
A: For a start, Homoeopathy is not medicine and neither is its drugs. If the vials of 30c distilled water got mixed up before they were labelled there would be no ... Read More »
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Q: What is the best radionics machine according to you?
A: Before I was fully into radionics, I was using only crystals and symbols and having great results. I would use the Antahkarana symbol with 6 cleared single term... Read More »
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Q: Any radionic machines for £30, for beginners?
A: Try making your own Symbolic Hieronymous Machine. Read More »
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Q: Radionics machine dials, could they just be sigils?
A: Now that you mention it, something I forgot to comment on in your photo of your rad box is that your dials do not have any numbers on them. Usually the dials ha... Read More »
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Finally a Radionics machine with enough etheric juice (fuel) to open a portal to other energy systems. The Psychotronic 8's CIRCLE OF POWER is a vortex of ...