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24 Reasons why Guys like Girls (In Guys point of view) - Love ...


24 Reasons why Guys like Girls (In Guys point of view). Opinion by milorox18 posted over a year ago. 1.They always smell good even if it's just shampoo 2.

8 Reasons Men Fall In Love With Good Girls | Thought Catalog


Sep 16, 2014 ... While men always and will always like bad girls, the good girl is the one they fall in love with and commit to possibly for the rest of their life.

Why a Guy Truly Loves a Girl - HubPages


Oct 27, 2011 ... Do you want to know why I love you? I love you because even when I honestly try to think about what I feel bad about you, I can't. Whatsoever I ...

WHY GUYS LIKE GIRLS | Chicken Soup for the Soul


Well, normally, I automatically delete those. But this one intrigued me. It was titled , “A Few Reasons Why Guys Like Girls.” The instructions were to read it, add to ...

What are some reasons why a boy would like a girl he barely knows ...


Well from personal experience ( I would be the boy in this situation), it is highly likely he is ... What can a boy do when he likes a girl he knows he will probably never see again? How do you know if a teenage boy likes a teenage girl? Why am I ...

7 Weird Things Girls Do That Guys Love For No Reason - Elite Daily


Nov 19, 2015 ... Your "embarrassing" traits are what he loves. ... a little different, there are a few weird things girls do that guys love — for almost no reason at all.



Guys are attracted to certain inner and outer traits when they meet a pretty lady. Let's talk ... 33 THINGS GUYS LIKE IN A GIRL ... 33) When she tells him that she loves him. ... 10 WONDERFUL REASONS TO LEARN TO LOVE YOURSELF ...

Why Do Guys Ignore The Girls They Like? Find out! - Getexbackguru


Does he hate you, or does he like you? He likes you. But there are a few different (stupid) reasons that result in guys ignoring girls that they actually like.

Why Isn't He Asking Me Out Yet? - 17 Reasons Why! - LovePanky


Here are 17 most common reasons why a guy may be holding himself back. ... One, he makes a bold move and tells a girl he likes her instantly or within a few ...

20 Sure Reasons Why a Guy Could Be Ignoring You! - LovePanky


It's not easy for a guy to play hard to get, and it's almost impossible for a guy to tease a girl and ignore her if he truly likes her. Of course, if he's just toying with her ...