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She eventually got married and quit, therefore, new management came in and I was quickly demoted and so I left. I then found another job on ...


Even the term “blackballing” sounds dark and dangerous. The process of blackballing is an exclusionary one in which a current, former or future employee is ...


Jul 5, 2017 ... If you suspect your old boss is blackballing you, ask your employers, enlist professional help or speak to your former boss.


Mar 31, 2010 ... Is "Black Balling" a former employee an acceptable practice and if so what ... to obtain new employment has a high degree of legal implications.


I have and am currently being blackballed by a previous employer and I would like to ... TTpar25 Law Topic Starter New Member ... They will not admit to this but from feedback from working on small jobs since that time I have ...


Oct 1, 2015 ... For some workplace aggressors, bullying someone out of a job isn't ... efforts to sabotage the target's attempts to obtain new employment.


Former employers may attempt to blacklist an employee as he tries to seek a new position. This may be done through gestures or tone of voice during reference ...


It is illegal for an employer to blackball an employee, but it depends on what your prior employer said that will determine whether they may be ...


I was also blackballed at another company several years ago; that company will also remain nameless. People are very insecure about their jobs these days, and the insecurity shows in their .... They fired 10 fairly recently.