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Quercus rubra


Quercus rubra, commonly called northern red oak, or champion oak, (syn. Quercus borealis), is ... A few other oaks have bark with this kind of appearance in the upper tree, but the northern red oak ...

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The tree Guide at arborday.org offers information on size, height, growth rate, sun and soil preference, and more on Northern Red Oak and many other ...

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Introduction. A versatile, fast growing and long-lived tree, the northern red oak is known for its brilliant red fall colors and its acorns that feed local wildlife.

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Red Oak is a major timber tree of the eastern and Midwestern United States. The tough, heavy wood of Red Oak has a reddish-orange coloration and is an ...

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Northern red oak is native to the Midwest and is one of the faster growing oaks ... Its tolerance of salt and air pollution makes it a good tree for more exposed areas.

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Moderate to fast growing, this tree is one of the more important lumber species of red oak and is an easily transplanted, popular shade tree with good form and ...

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Jun 19, 2002 ... Wildlife: Northern red oak provides good cover and nesting sites ... as a landscape tree in eastern North America and. Europe -- used as a ...

Red Oak


The red oak reaches a height of 18-27 m and has diameter of 0.3-0.8 m. Its leaves are ... Flowers bloom in May with both sexes on the same tree. The staminate ...

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One of the most dominant of the northern oak species, the red oak, lives throughout eastern North America. It is the state tree of New Jersey and the arboreal ...

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grown trees form a rounded crown which makes a nice shade, park or street tree. Many communities use Red. Oak as a street tree where overhead space is not.

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to HOME - What Tree Is It? Red Oak Banner. Red Oak Leaf, Red Oak Fruit ... Red OaK (Northern Red Oak) Quercus rubra. The bark darkens and roughens near ...

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Information about the Red Oak. ... The red oak is one of the largest and most important timber trees. One of the fastest growing of the oaks, it attains a to 80 feet ...

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Red Oak (Quercus rubra). Leaves are alternate, simple, lobed. Lobes have ... Hardiness: Varies with the species of oak tree, ranging from zone 3 to zone 9.