How to Remove Red Wasps
Red wasps, also called paper wasps, are considered more docile than the yellowjacket or hornet type of wasp, but the sting of a red wasp can be one of the most painful stings of any species. Some types of red wasps build nests in the ground, others under... More »
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Polistes carolina

One of two types of Red Paper Wasps (Polistes Carolina) is species of social wasp (subfamily Polistinae) in the family Vespidae. They are most commonly found ...

Red Wasps - Orkin

This wasp species is about an inch long, red all over its body with dark, purplish- black colored wings. The red wasp is found throughout the central and eastern ...

Red wasp, what is it and how to get rid of them effectively. – RedWasp

Red wasp is one of the most common spring and summer pests, but getting rid of an infestation is simple when you know how. Wasp&v=OFDX0tjntAQ
Oct 23, 2012 ... Billy tackles a wasp job consisting of 9 nests on the exterior of a home and it gets worse once he looks inside.

Paper wasp

A paper wasp called "red wasp," Polistes carolina (Linnaeus). Photo ... Paper wasp nests are open and cells are not covered with a cap (in an envelope).

Backyard Beasts - March, 2005: Red Wasp

Our featured animal this month is the red wasp (Polistes carolina). This insect is a type of paper wasp that makes umbrella shaped nests attached by a small ...

How to get rid of wasps naturally | MNN - Mother Nature Network

Jun 27, 2013 ... In my last post, I shared two reasons you may want to leave a wasp nest up ... Covering a light source (such as a flashlight), with red paper will ...

Species Polistes carolina - Red Wasp - BugGuide.Net

Feb 16, 2004 ... Large Polistes, red all over with dark wings. P. annularis may be very similar but typically has abdomen with prominent yellow rings.

Want to ward off wasps? Wear red trousers... or tie a paper bag to ...

Aug 29, 2013 ... This, then, is going to be the Weekend of the Wasp. ... a red shirt, and — if you can withstand the mockery of your friends — some red trousers.

Popular Q&A
Q: How to Remove Red Wasps.
A: 1. Remnants of a barbecue dinner can attract the red wasp. Clean your front and back yards of any food sources for the red wasp. If you barbecue in your backyar... Read More »
Q: How to Repel Red Wasps.
A: 1. Plant natural repellents. Add a wormwood border and neem trees to your property. Plant garlic and onions in areas where red wasps frequently appear on your l... Read More »
Q: What are Red Wasps?
A: Red wasps are wasps that are red and they will sting you in the balls. Read More »
Q: What is the lifespan of a red wasp?
A: Most red wasps die at the end of each summer, but the queen survives to make the Read More »
Q: What is the purpose of red wasp?
A: Red wasps are considered beneficial because they consume caterpillars. Real Smooth! Read More »