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Regulation of gene expression


Regulation of gene expression includes a wide range of mechanisms that are used by cells to increase or decrease the production of specific gene products ...

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Gene expression and regulation describes the process by which information encoded in an organism's DNA directs the synthesis of end products, RNA or ...

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Gene expression is the process by which the genetic code - the nucleotide sequence - of a gene is used to direct protein synthesis and produce the structures of ...

Epigenetics is the study of heritable genetic information that does not involve changes in the nucleotide sequence of DNA, but, is manifested as chemical marks that are added to either DNA or chromatin proteins following replication. The sum of the epigenetic marks in ... More »
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Jan 30, 2013 ... Gene Expression and Regulation. ... Human Gene Regulation, Signaling Networks and Gene Changes - Duration: 58:36. by University of ...

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Do our genes work the same way all the time? How do we regulate the expression of our genes? Explore the various ways organisms control gene...

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Jun 24, 2014 ... Gene expression is one of the most tightly controlled processes in the body. This process needs to be strictly regulated to ensure that cells ...



For all living cells, regulation of gene expression by extracel- lular signals is a .... chapter is regulated expression of protein-encoding genes, only transcription ...

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How is gene expression regulated? There are several methods used by eukaryotes. Altering the rate of transcription of the gene. This is the most important and ...

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Q: What are the significances of the regulation of gene expression ?
A: 1. Producing gene products (mostly proteins) that are needed, in the amount they are needed, when they are needed. 2. Not producing gene products that are not n... Read More »
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Q: What causes the regulation of gene expression?
A: Genes are regulated by diverse actions within the cell. Starting from the cell membrane, receptors on the membranes surface can be activated by extracellular li... Read More »
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Q: The oldest mechanism for the regulation of gene expression?
A: Riboswitches are structures that form in mRNA and regulate gene expression in bacteria. Unlike other known RNA regulatory structures, they are directly bound by... Read More »
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Q: What is spatial and temporal regulation of gene expression?
A: to lick ones balls. Read More »
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Q: Which RNA molecules is involved in regulation of gene expression?
A: Although miRNA and siRNA both have gene regulation functions, there are subtle differences. MiRNA may be slightly shorter than siRNA (which has 20 to 25 nucleot... Read More »
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