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How to Remove Gum from Clothes. Yuck, you've got gum all over ... VideoJug. com - How to remove chewing gum from clothes - Images shared with permission .

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Apr 13, 2010 ... Remove Chewing Gum from Clothes. If you have chewing gum stuck to your clothes, don't worry. Lady's maid Bea Knapp will show you how to ...

How to remove gum from clothes - Instructables


Even though mine are not allowed to chew gum, that did not stop my not-quite- youngest ... This Instructable will show you how to remove bubble gum from clothes.

How to clean chewing gum stains from your clothes; it's easy ( + ...


We all like and need chewing gum (ok, some people like TicTacs only :) ) but oh boy do we hate it when gum gets on our clothes.It happened to me, I sat right on a gum at ... How to remove gum from clothes by kqrpnb · Cleaning chewing gum  ...

How to Remove Gum from Your Hair, Shoes, Clothes, and Carpet ...


Oct 15, 2012 ... If the stick of gum you've been chewing on somehow got transferred from ... have somehow gotten gum stuck on your shoes, clothes, or carpet?

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Mar 15, 2008 ... Even if you sat on a big, juicy, freshly-chewed glob of bubblegum in them, that pair of pants isn't necessarily a goner. Instructional site wikiHow ...

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Jun 24, 2016 ... While most stains come out of clothes with a bit of detergent and few spins in the washing machine, gum stains are another story. Not only is ...

How do you remove chewing gum from jeans? | Reference.com


While acetone-based products such as nail polish remover are often credited to be the best at removing stains from clothing materials, chewing gum can best be  ...

How to Get Gum Out Of Clothes Upholstery and Carpet


Why is it that chewing gum never stays in someone's mouth? Learn how to remove chewing gum or any sticky and waxy stains from clothes, upholstery fabric ...

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Removing chewing gum from clothes can seem tricky, but these methods to get gum off your clothes will make it a lot easier!

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It's never nice when you accidentally sit or step in chewing gum. But the good news is chewing gum is easy to remove from clothes with these tips & tricks!

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With the right tricks, removing chewing gum from fabric can actually be very easy! Read on for 3 great tips on how to get chewing gum out of clothes.

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Mar 13, 2006 ... Heloise gives helpful advice on removing chewing gum from clothing.