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Jan 22, 2016 ... But all that means nothing if your old car smells like a gas station. ... here are some of the most common ways to get rid of the gasoline smell in your car. ... Look in the carpeting in your trunk or inside the passenger space and ...

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Jan 12, 2016 ... Learning how to get rid of that nasty gasoline smell in your car or on your ... If you are trying to clean out of a carpet, pour some baking soda ...

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To remove the odor of gas from carpet, shampoo the carpet, and sprinkle baking soda on the affected area. Stronger smells can be treated by leaving the baking ...

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I have tried shampoo, baking soda, ventilation, carpet powders, Febreeze . . . all with ... If this doesn't get rid of the gasoline odor, only time and ventilation will.

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The smell of gasoline is pungent and causes a series of effects adverse to your health. The moment the liquid spills on your car, body, or carpet, its stench will ...

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For some reason they soak up the smell. It works every time I get gas for the lawnmower and it spills on the carpet in my car. I have also heard that kitty litter will ...

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Best way to get rid of gas smell In My Humble Opinion (IMHO) ... If your car isn't too new, I'd just rip out the carpeting. I really hate the smell of ...

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May 2, 2007 ... I accidentally spilled gasoline in the car trunk, and the padding is soaked. What can I do to sop it up and get rid of that horrible smell? ... However, you can treat the carpet with a few drops of dishwashing liquid mixed with ...

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Get rid of gasoline smell with our latest Briggs & Stratton innovation, Gas Off! Wipes & sprays work to remove gas odor from hands, clothing & cars."

How to Clean Gas Out of Carpet


Both gasoline and diesel fuels can find their way into your carpeting. Removing both the stain and the smell is a multistep process that may take several days.

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When simple soap and water doesn't remove the scent of gasoline, don't give up ... Finally, if the smell of gasoline is lingering in your carpet, you will want to be ...

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This is a guide about cleaning gasoline from car carpet. Gasoline ... I spilled some gas on my dad's brand new Suburban, not a lot, but the smell was sickening.

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May 29, 2006 ... Coffee grounds neutralize almost any smell. I would take some and rub it into the carpeting where the gas was spilled, leave it a day or two, and ...