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Apr 23, 2013 ... One Easy way to remove Ceramic tile From concrete .... its much easier and healthier for the back same goes for when removing the thinset.
Dec 30, 2011 ... The most effective and easiest way to remove mastic or thinset from a concrete floor after the tiles have been removed. Link to my other video ...


Unlike tile on cement board or wood, there's no underlayment or subfloor that can be pried up and thrown away. Removing tile from concrete requires knocking ...


Apr 17, 2014 ... We agree that removing a ceramic tile floor can be a difficult task, ... a cement based adhesive that is used to join the tile to the concrete floor.


The height difference often poses a safety hazard. To avoid this, remove the cement backer board and tiles all at once. Painstaking removal of individual tiles is ...


Apr 11, 2014 ... We were then left with thinset under the tile, adhered to the cement foundation. ... Long story short, a crew came over to remove the thinset and .... There are much stouter blades made for removing ceramic tile and thin set.


We're about to replace the ceramic tile flooring in our bathroom. ... Tile that's attached to cement backerboard needs the same kind of treatment as tile stuck to  ...


Jan 19, 2015 ... How-to-remove-ceramic-tile-in-kitchen ... TIP: In the last 5 minutes of tile removal, we found that the hammer drill worked GREAT to get the tile out too. .... including adhesive that was used for the tile, so we bought a misting ...


Apr 21, 2012 ... How to quickly and efficiently remove ceramic floor tile from a concrete floor.For more info:www.TrashitMan.com718-326-6969Serving New ...


AsktheBuilder.com: Removing ceramic tile can be hard work. The job is somewhat easy if the tile is adhered to cement board that is nailed to a wood subfloor.