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Jul 25, 2013 ... A scratch in a mirror destroys its beauty and can obstruct its functionality. Before you send your mirror for professional restoration, you can try to ...


Dec 7, 2007 ... Is there any product at all that can repair scratches on mirrors? I'm just sick: we just installed new mirrored doors on one of our closets; there ...


There are different options for repairing a scratch in the reflective coating on a mirror. The simplest method is to tape a piece of aluminum foil over the scratch.

Jan 29, 2016 ... A dealerships Honda Jazz demonstrator with a small scuff to the offside wing mirror case.


This is an antique mirror and there are many qualities about the ... Yes if it passes the fingernail test. If the scratch is big enough for the end of your ...


To remove scratches from a mirror, apply white toothpaste or polishing powder to a damp towel or rag and rub gently at the scratch until it is completely gone.


Jun 2, 2010 ... Biggest problem is that I'm just renting, so I'd really like to fix the problem before it is noticed by the owner, and having the mirrors replaced ...


The question says it all: is there a way to go about removing a scratch ... To remove scratches from a mirror, apply white toothpaste or polishing ...


Consider resilvering your mirror or replacing it to bring your antique vanity ... a large number of surface scratches, or specked glass, replacing the mirror or glass  ...


A series of coatings on the backside is what gives the mirror its reflective finish. If this coating is scratched, that portion of the mirror atop the scratch w.