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The study of Roman sculpture is complicated by its relation to Greek sculpture. Many examples of even the most famous Greek sculptures, such as the Apollo ...

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Roman Sculpture, with artists from across a huge empire and changing public tastes over centuries, is above all else, remarkable for its sheer variety...

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Although many Roman sculptures are purely Roman in their conception, others are carefully measured, exact copies of Greek statues, or variants of Greek ...

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Influenced by ancient Greek art, the ancient Romans continued their tradition of large-scale, realistic sculpture. Learn about what makes Roman...

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Sculpture of Ancient Rome (c.55 BCE onwards): Historical Reliefs, Portrait Busts: Ara Pacis Augustae, Trajan's Column.



of Marcus Aurelius While the Greeks made sculptures of idealized human forms, the Roman tended to make portraits. Romans made sculptures of gods, heroes, ...

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When someone says "Ancient Greece" or "Ancient Rome," many people's first thought is of gorgeous, marble, armless statues amid crumbling ruins. However ...

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Dec 14, 2010 ... The Lady Justice Sculpture is one of the greatest known sculptures in the ... The statue dates all the way back to ancient Greek and Roman ...

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Sculpture played an important role in both domestic and civic life in the ancient Roman empire. Statues, sarcophagi and reliefs were placed in private homes, ...

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Roman art is founded upon that of the Greeks; Roman sculpture is essentially the continuation and expansion of Greek sculpture. The formative age of Roman ...

About Roman Sculptures
When people refer to Roman sculptures, they are usually thinking of the large, marble variety that were produced between AD 100 and 400. Learn about the freestanding sculptures for which the Romans are well-known with help in this free video on Roman... More »
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