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By the first century BC, the "classic" villa took many architectural forms, with many examples employing ...

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While many chose to live primarily, or even exclusively, in their villas, these .... In Roman architecture, an insula (Latin for "island," plural insulae) was a kind of ...

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Sample Plan of a Roman House. plan of domus. A, atrium, formal entrance hall. Al, ala, "wings" opening from atrium. C, cubiculum, small room; bedroom.

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Read and learn for free about the following article: Roman domestic architecture ( villa)

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Background: Roman housing architecture provides valuable insight into ... Many rich Romans also owned opulent residences in the countryside, called 'Villa'.

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A Roman Villa: Inside Story, by Jacqueline Morley (American edition 1992). For kids, with lots of pictures. ... By a leading expert in ancient architecture.

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Roman villas in England. Part of the English architecture guide at Britain Express, includes major Roman villas to visit in England.

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a detailed look at ancient roman houses, homes, roman villas and apartments ... Roman times, including construction methods,social aspects, art and architecture .

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The House of the Vine is typical of many Pompeian houses, with a rectangular floor plan, and one room leading into another and out into the garden.

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Roman Republican Villas: Architecture, Context and Ideology. Edited by Jeffrey A . Becker and Nicola Terrenato (PAAR 32). Pp. iii + 143, figs. 34. University of ...

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... and information about Roman Villa. History, facts and information about the Romans, Ancient Rome, the Colosseum and Roman Villa. ... Roman Architecture  ...

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The architecture and landscape elements described by Pliny the Younger appear as part of the Roman tradition of the monumental Villa Adriana. Originally built ...

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Roman domestic architecture (villa) ... The domus as a general architectural type is long-lived in the Roman world, although some development of the ...