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Mouth Problems, Noninjury-Topic Overview - WebMD

It is not unusual to have a problem with your mouth from time to time. A mouth problem can involve your gums, lips, tongue, inner cheeks, the roof of your mouth  ...

Mouth Problems, Non-Injury - HealthLinkBC

It is not unusual to have a problem with your mouth from time to time. A mouth problem can involve your gums, lips, tongue, or inner cheeks, the roof of your ...

Roof of Mouth Sore: Causes and Treatments - EnkiVillage

Bacterial and viral infection may cause roof of mouth sore. The mouth is a particularly good place for bacteria and virus proliferation due to its humidity and the ...

Roof of Mouth Hurts | New Health Guide

If the roof of mouth hurts and you do not know what could be the cause, this ... Although it is not a problem to worry about, the burning mouth syndrome has been ...

Mouth Inflammation | Oral Health America -

Feb 4, 2013 ... However, problems occur when your body is unable to repair itself and return to ... The roof of your mouth is red, swollen, hot, and painful.

Cysts lumps and bumps in the mouth - Patient Information

They can arise on the roof of the mouth as well. They are typically caused by a non-vital tooth (tooth with a nerve that has died due to decay and infection) and ...

Mouth Sores: Definition, Treatments, & Causes - Healthline

Sep 10, 2012 ... Mouth sores, including canker sores, are a minor irritation that usually ... including the lips, cheeks, gums, tongue, and floor and roof of the mouth. ... they can indicate mouth cancer or an infection, such as herpes simplex virus.

Mouth problems - NHS Choices

Check your mouth problems here. How it works – we'll ask you some questions and you'll get advice on dealing with your symptoms.

Stomatis: Inflamed and sore mouth making it difficult to eat - Boots

These are blisters filled with fluid that are commonly found on the lips, and rarely on the gums or the roof of the mouth. They are caused by herpes virus infection ...

Popular Q&A
Q: Problems with the roof of my mouth?
A: Yes, it is dryness of the sinuses. Take a saline spray twice a day for about a week and it should help. Read More »
Q: What Are the Causes of a Growth on the Roof of the Mouth?
A: Growths on the roof of the mouth can take the form of lumps that are white or darker than surrounding tissue. They can also appear to be a sore that does not he... Read More »
Q: Why is the roof of mouth sore?
A: It could be burned from too hot food, or scraped from sharp pieces. A mild infection may be taking place. I suggest a strong solution of salt and warm water, so... Read More »
Q: Roof of mouth is bumpy. What is this?
A: it could be the mumps. i would go to the doctor if i were you. Read More »
Q: How can i get rid of this problem, the roof of my mouth feels bad...
A: I musta done that about a dozen times in my life. Drink water. Time will heal it. Read More »