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Rudolf Ludwig Carl Virchow was a German physician, anthropologist, pathologist , prehistorian, .... Although the term 'cell' had been coined in the 1665 by an English scientist Robert Hooke, ...

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Jun 4, 2015 ... Rudolf Virchow, in full Rudolf Carl Virchow (born October 13, 1821, Schivelbein, Pomerania, Prussia [now Świdwin, Poland]—died September ...

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3 days ago ... Rudolf Virchow, also known as the 'Father of Pathology,' was a 19th century German pathologist and politician known for his significant findings ...

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Rudolf Virchow was an eminent pathologist and politician, widely regarded as one ... four careers: medical scientist, editor of several medical journals, politician , ...

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The German doctor Rudolf Virchow proposed that all cells result from the division of previously existing cells, and this idea became a key piece of modern cell ...

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Rudolf Virchow's most well-known accomplishment is his theory that cells are created from the ... Who are the three scientists who formulated the cell theory?

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Virchow had a major impact on medical education in Germany. He taught several persons who became famous scientists in Germany, including Edwin Klebs, ...

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Mar 17, 2012 ... Ultimately Virchow argued that disease is caused by changes in .... “Rudolf Carl Virchow: Medical Scientist, Social Reformer, Role Model.

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Rudolf Virchow (1821-1902) was both a scientist and a politician, who authored books ranging from Cellular Pathology to The History of The Phillipines.

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Rudolf Ludwig Carl Virchow was a German doctor, anthropologist, pathologist, biologist, writer and politician. This biography profiles his childhood, life, career, ...