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A socket wrench is a type of wrench that has a socket attached at one end, usually used to turn ... This wide range of square drive sizes provides for a wide variety of socket types and sizes to sui...

socket wrenches - Sizes


Mar 5, 2016 ... Sizes of socket wrenches. ... For socket wrenches to fit metric bolts, go here. ... The size of a socket is the width-across-flats dimension.

standard / metric wrench conversion chart - University of Missouri


Jan 14, 2013 ... Bolt Diameter Standard. Metric. 1/8". 5/16". 8 mm. 3/16". 3/8". 10 mm. 1/4". 7/16". 11 mm. 5/16". 1/2". 13 mm. 3/8". 9/16". 14 mm. 7/16". 5/8".

SAE to Metric Conversion for Wrenches & Sockets - RaceJunk


Mar 16, 2013 ... SAE to Metric Conversion Table - Equivalent Sizes ... Size (mm). Specific Standard (SAE) and Metric wrench/socket sizes best matches. 1 ...

Wrench Conversion - Size Equivalence Chart - Vaughn's Summaries


Metric wrench sizes are shown, along with their "English Standard" equivalence, in 1/1000s of an inch. "Standard-size" wrenches refers to SAE sizes - the ...

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Standard Wrench Sizing Chart for Bolts and Screws · Metric Bolt Sizing Charts for Nuts · Metric Bolt Sizing Charts for Bolts and Screws · Metric Wrench Sizing ...

Wrench Size And Conversion Table - CSGNetwork.Com


This table is the chart for publication of information of wrench sizes in inches (US) and millimeters (metric), as well as British spanner size information.

SAE 12 Point Box Wrench Clearance Sizes Table Chart | Engineers ...


rench Clearance Chart data derived from SAE drafting manual and ANSI/ASME B18.2.2-1987 (R1999) wrench opining for nuts. This represents the ...

Convert,compare all Imperial tool,nut,bolt and spanner sizes to metric.

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Convert Whitworth,BSF,BA,AF sizes to metric. ... AF (SAE),British Association (BA ) and metric (mm) wrench and nut/bolt sizes compared. .... Application chart for some hub nut,ball joint sockets and box spanners etc (mainly older vehicles).

How to convert SAE wrench sizes to metric? Where can you find a ...


Feb 20, 2016 ... 1/4 is almost equal to 6mm. 5/16 is just under 8mm. 3/8 is about 9.5mm. 7/ 16roughly ... How does the American Eagle jeans size chart compare to the size chart for other similar clothing chains? Where can I find a size chart for ...

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Standard-metric wrench chart, Webster County | University of ...


Download a printer-friendly version of this chart: Standard-Metric Wrench Chart ( PDF). Standard-metric Wrench Conversion Chart. Bolt Diameter, Standard.

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US Bolts - Head and Wrench Sizes - Hex Bolt, Lag Bolt, Square Bolt and Heavy ... en: wrench inches metric conversion; es: pulgadas llave conversión métrica ...

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6.0000. This chart may be used for. Hex Bolts & Nuts ASTM A307A, Gr 5,. 304 & 316 Stainless Steel. 5/16''. 3/8''. 7/16''. Wrench Size. Bolt & Nut Diameter. 1/4''.