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We would golf in foursomes , threesomes or twosomes to make this happen. Can you send me a grid that would do this scheduling? I'm at a loss as to how to do ...

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Suppose we need to schedule 32 golfers into foursomes for five rounds of a tournament, in such a way that no one is in the same foursome with anyone else  ...

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Okay, you have 8 golfers. Give each golfer a number from 1-8. Round 1 the first foursome will be golfers 1, 2, 3, 4 and golfers 5, 6, 7, 8 as the second four...

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Scheduling 12 golfers in foursomes seems to be a common question here, ... with regard to a four round schedule for 12 players in foursomes.

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Optimized golf group foursomes that minimize repeats.

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Jan 20, 2007 ... Golfsort provides history based pairings for golf leagues where no one ... times ( once as a partner within the foursome, twice as an opponent).

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Create foursomes that avoid matching golfers with each other more than once, ... The schedules that I refer to are the ones created by Golf Mixer in one step, not ...

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Optimized golf group foursomes that minimize repeats.

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I have 32 golfers I play with and we are broken into teams of 4 players (for 8 total teams). ... in the context of a dinner club scheduling four couples per table, see ... 9 rounds of golf foursomes among 32 golfers, such that no two ...

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The same sort of scheduling problem occurs with golf foursomes and other contexts. There are some software packages sold for this sort of ...

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The number of ways to pair 12 golfers in 3 foursomes over 6 rounds is 50 billion trillion! Perfect Pairings' proprietary scheduling solves the challenge in seconds,  ...

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How can the foursomes be arranged to maximize mixing? .... How can we maximise pairings for 12 golfers playing 3 rounds? .... acting in teams of 2, in order to keep the mixing dynamics simple so I could focus on the scheduling dynamics.

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Aug 14, 2007 ... Can 16 golfers each play in foursomes for 5 days? ... tournaments, and whist/ bridge tournaments is at Round Robin Tournament Scheduling.