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Seed dispersal


Seed dispersal is the movement or transport of seeds away from the parent plant. Plants have ... There are five main modes of seed dispersal: gravity, wind, ballistic, water, and by animals. Some pl...

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Dispersal means scattering or distribution of something. ... plants don't rely on people. Plants rely on animals and wind and water to help scatter their seeds.

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Seeds dispersed by water are found in light and buoyant fruits, while those dispersed by wind may have specialized wing-like appendages. Animals can ...

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Some seeds have only one wing (e.g. Lime or Ash). This type of attachment is quite heavy, and this system only works well in a good wind, and from a tall tree.

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Another strategy for seed dispersal is to use animals to carry seeds to suitable ... This website includes detailed descriptions of explosive, water, wind, animal, ...

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Pollination is also accomplished by the wind (or water), and it may also ... There are 3 main mechanisms for seed and fruit dispersal: (1) Hitchhiking on animals, ...

Seed Dispersal


Before they can grow into new plants, seeds need to leave the seed pod. ... than directly under the parent plant include gravity, animals, force, wind and water.

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How seeds are dispersed or distributed - by splitting, by wind, by water, by animals and by humans.

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Sep 26, 2013 ... Animals. One way to send seeds far from the parent is to have them hitch a ride. ... This is why plants that use wind dispersal produce so many seeds. ... Plants in riparian/beach areas often employ water to move their offspring.

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Wind dispersal: dandelions have fruits with parachutes of hairs that catch the wind ... float, such as those of the water lily and the coconut palm are carried by water. ... Animal dispersal: seeds of juicy fruits are carried by birds and other animals.

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Flowering plants reproduce themselves by producing seeds. The seeds also provide the plants with a way to spread out and grow in new places, sometimes a  ...

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Feb 2, 2014 ... Plants disperse their seeds over a wide area to increase their ... The most common methods of seed dispersal are wind, water, animals, ...

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Many plants produce fruits or individual seeds covered in hooks or spines which attach the seed to the animals's fur or feathers - or, in the case of humans, to our ...