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The American Frontier comprises the geography, history, folklore, and cultural expression of life .... In the colonial era, before 1776, the west was of high priority for settlers and politicians. ... and northern New England (which was a move to the north, not the west). ...... New Mexico allowed slavery, but it was rarely seen there.


There were many dangers but the pioneers faced Indian attacks, broken axles, wagon accidents, and disease. You could have been run over by your wagon if ...


Due to high levels of risk involved in trespassing into native American settlements colonial settlers refrained from leaving the colonies until the infamous Louis ...


Why were the colonists resentful over not being able to expand west? ... The British believed that if Americans moved west over the mountains, ... The British could not afford another war, so they left the French settlers in those areas alone.


Livingston and Monroe helped the broker the deal that not only acquired the land for ... Over the next half century, settlers began to move into the new territory to ...


The colonists, however, were not appreciative and regarded the new policy as an ... Any settlers currently west of the mountains had to move back east.


Moved by the threat to the Union, then the demands of war, and finally the ... And who would be allowed access to the West's grand possibilities, and on what terms? ... In a sense the first blood of the Civil War was shed not at Fort Sumter but here, ... (Dakota) in 1862 left hundreds of white settlers dead before it was crushed.


Second, moving West gave women the hope of leaving behind the fearful specter ... turnover among teachers, since married women were not permitted to teach. ... Homesteaders and other settlers supplied the fuel for the schoolhouse stove, ...


Settlers of the west, called pioneers, usually migrated as families and settled ... New Englanders chose not to settle there and instead moved on to Michigan, ...


Dec 29, 2016 ... West Bank settlements have expanded under every Israeli ... When Israel captured the West Bank in the 1967 Six-Day War, no Israeli citizens ... The Israeli government reluctantly allowed them to stay "temporarily. ... This is why the U.S. and other countries have never moved their embassies to Jerusalem.