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The gauge of a firearm is a unit of measurement used to express the diameter of the barrel. ... Therefore, an n-gauge shotgun or n-bore rifle has a bore diameter ( in inches) of approximately. d n = ...

Shotgun Shells Explained—The New Shooter's Dictionary


Nov 20, 2014 ... There are many different shotgun bore sizes or “gauges” (much like rifle and pistol caliber size), and gauges of differing shell length, and all can ...

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Sep 6, 2009 ... Our Facebook Page! http://www.facebook.com/pages/Heather... This is one of the videos we made for the TV show Country Fried Home Videos ...
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Nov 2, 2014 ... The shotgun world is a mess of old standards & notations, and nowhere is this more evident than the way we define bore diameters. Just about ...

Measuring Up: Gauge vs. Caliber - How Shotguns Work - Science


Shotgun sizes have always been measured in a somewhat roundabout way. You would think that the "12" in a 12-gauge shotgun corresponds to some linear ...

Shotgun Bore Diameters


Shotgun Bore Diameters. Most of this data was taken from the World Almanac and Book of Facts 1996; a reader contributed the data for 24-, 28-, and 32-gauge.

Shotgun Basics - The Well Armed Woman


Thus, the 10-gauge shotgun is larger than the 12-gauge, which is larger than the 20-gauge. While there are many different sizes, or gauges, of shotguns, the two ...

Ammunition Demystifier - Types Of Shotgun Ammo


Shotgun ammunition is measured in gauge rather than in caliber and because shotguns are very versatile firearms, ammunition manufactured for them comes in  ...

The 16 gauge shotgun really is the best of both worlds - Guns.com


Oct 28, 2015 ... So if you are tired of picking too many pellets out of your ruffed grouse after shooting it with your 12 gauge, or watching them fly off after dusting ...

What happened to the 16 gauge shotgun? | The Daily Caller


Aug 20, 2013 ... The 16 is the most logical of all the gauges. Its bore diameter is .662-inch, almost exactly two-thirds of an inch. A 16-gauge lead ball weighs ...

How to Calculate a Shotgun Gauge
The gauge of a shotgun is the measurement of the inside width of the barrel. The number refers to the weight, in fractions of a pound, of the largest perfectly spherical ball of lead that could fit into the barrel of the shotgun. A 12 gauge, for example,... More »
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Survival Shotgun Part 2: Choosing Gauge and Type


If you are new to shotguns understanding what type of gun to buy, and which gauge to choose, for your survival needs can be difficult. Here is a basic rundown  ...

Introduction to Shotgun Gauges - CHUCKHAWKS.COM


Introduction to Shotgun Gauges & Shells. By Chuck Hawks. Shotgun gauges are determined by the number of lead balls of a given diameter required to make ...

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Jun 23, 2016 ... The gauge of a shotgun was originally the number of round balls just big enough to fit the gun's bore that could be cast from 1 pound of lead.