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Silvering is the chemical process of coating glass with a reflective substance. ... mirrors were commonly made through a process by which silver was coated onto  ...

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Silver coated mirrors offer the highest reflectance in the visible-NIR spectrum ( 450 nm - 2 µm, R avg >97.5%) of any metallic mirror, while also offering high ...

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Our standard metallic mirror coatings include Protected Aluminum, Enhanced Aluminum, UV Enhanced Aluminum, Protected Gold and Protected Silver.

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Mar 4, 2009 ... How to make a mirror silvering solution from silver nitrate, ammonia, sugar and sodium hydroxide. Glass surfaces can be given coatings of ...

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The simplest and most common mirror coating is a thin layer of metal. A 100-nm layer of aluminum or silver makes an excellent reflector for the visible spectrum.

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Therefore, for applications that require steering ultrashort pulses, such as those produced by Ti:Sapphire lasers, we suggest using our silver-coated mirrors, ...

Why did high quality mirrors use aluminum coatings instead of silver?


Jun 2, 2014 ... I've read that in the past quality mirrors were coated with silver but that today vacuum evaporated coatings of aluminum are the accepted ...

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Ongoing discussion on The Home Page of the Finishing Industry®: Silver Coating Mirrors vs. Aluminum Coating Mirrors.

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How to make a mirror silvering solution from silver nitrate, ammonia and sugar. Glass surfaces can be given coatings of silver that make them into mirrors.

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Encyclopedia article on metal-coated mirrors, metallic mirrors, protected silver mirrors, gold, broad bandwidth, reflectivity, damage threshold.

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