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Unicellular organism


A unicellular organism, also known as a single-celled organism, is an organism that consists of only one cell, unlike a multicellular organism that consists of ...

Single-Celled Organisms | Science | Video | PBS LearningMedia


This video segment explores the world of single-celled organisms--what they eat, how they move, what they have in common, and what distinguishes them from ...

Multi and Single Celled Organisms

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Multi and Single Celled Organisms. Standards. S5L3 Students will diagram and label parts of various cells (plant, animal, single-celled, and multi-celled).

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Single-celled definition at Dictionary.com, a free online dictionary with pronunciation, ... There still exist large numbers of similar “ single-celled organisms.”.

BBC Bitesize - KS3 Biology - Cells to systems - Revision 5


Unicellular organisms. A unicellular organism is a living thing that is just one cell. There are different types of unicellular organism, including: bacteria; protozoa ...

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Multimedia for single-celled organism; paramecium. Explore the updated online encyclopedia from Encyclopaedia Britannica with hundreds of thousands of ...

Largest Single-Celled Organism Found 6 Miles Beneath Sea ...


Oct 24, 2011 ... At more than four inches in length, they are perhaps the largest single-celled organism on Earth. These protists make a living by sifting through ...

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The cell contains cellular organelles that control the activity of the cell. Organisms can be classified as unicellular and mutlicellular organisms. Unicellular ...

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Single-Celled. Organisms and. Viruses. 252 Unit 2: Cells. Bacteria and protists have the characteristics of liv- ing things, while viruses are not alive.

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May 3, 2011 ... This is my second installment in my series of: "Look at organisms through my microscope and attempt to record it while barely managing to ...
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Many life forms consist of a single cell. As well as simple bacteria, there are more complex organisms, known as protoctists. Unlike bacteria, they have complex ...

A single-celled organism capable of learning -- ScienceDaily


4 days ago ... Biologists have succeeded in showing that a single-celled organism, the protist, is capable of a type of learning called habituation.

Early Life: Single-Celled Organisms - Annenberg Learner


Both groups are prokaryotes (single-celled organisms without nuclei). Archaea were recognized as a unique domain of life in the 1970s, based on some ...