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Skateboard wheels are measured by both diameter and durometer. Diameter is the size of the wheel, and durometer is the hardness of the wheel. Both of these ...


The durometer of a wheel is the measurement of its hardness, or resistance to penetration. Durometer ratings fall within several categories, with skate wheels ...


The hardness or durometer of a skateboard wheel determines how much grip the wheel has and the amount of shock it can absorb. To break it down, a softer ...


Know that durometer rating is a measure of a wheel's hardness. Today, all wheels ... If you skate a bit of everything, consider getting a wheel around 90A- 97A.


Durometer A Scale is good, but does not cover the entire range of skate wheel hardness and is very limited because the scale goes from 1 to 100 and anything  ...

Oct 8, 2013 ... Learn the BASICS of how to pick your skateboard wheels. Size? Color? Hardness? Spencer Nuzzi's got it covered in today's episode.
Jun 29, 2015 ... Discover how skateboard wheels get their durometer values using testing devices. Testing for “shore” or durometer is a way of measuring the ...


May 30, 2013 ... Hardness rating's on skateboard crusier wheels will range around 80a-90a. This softer urethane will offer a smooth “cruising” feeling but is not ...


The size of the wheel (aka diameter) and the wheel's hardness (aka durometer) are the two main ... 70mm Moonshine Slip Longboard Skateboard Wheels.


Sep 30, 2016 ... What does the A mean on skateboard wheels? What does it mean when the wheels are 95A or 100A? This has to do with hardness durometer.