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Internet Slang and Abbreviations
The popularity of virtual communication through chat rooms and instant messaging came with a new set of Internet slang and abbreviations. "Internet-speak" is common online and is even adopted into our mainstream culture. While some abbreviations are more... More »
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In its earliest attested use (1756), the word slang referred to the vocabulary of " low or disreputable" people. By the ...


Mar 1, 2015 ... Below is a list of common American slang word and phrases that our English- speaking comrades in Great Britain might have trouble wrapping ...


A list of all slang words in The Online Slang Dictionary.


Jan 20, 2017 ... Tumblr, YouTube, and Twitter have been leading the slang game recently. " Snatched" is officially the new "fleek," "sis" is the.


Jan 7, 2017 ... Check your word-nerd snobbery at the door, and memorize these ... YOLO, earjacking, dweet and other urban slang you need to know — like,.


Some words have morphed from one meaning to another. Take the word “busted. ” To the grandparents of today's teens, the word was simply slang for “broken.”.


This is your all-encompassing guide to all the hip, cool, and weird words and phrases millennials are using today.


Jan 20, 2017 ... 2016 may have been the year of Brexit, but now we're in 2017 there's a whole new delivery of fresh slang words all English learners need to ...


slang is the continual and ever-changing use and definition of words in informal conversation, often using references as a means of comparison or showing ...