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Slow loris


Slow lorises are a group of several species of nocturnal strepsirrhine primates which make up ...... The slow lorises found in animal markets are usually underweight and malnourished, and have had t...

Slow loris | 15 cute animals that could kill you | MNN - Mother Nature ...


Feb 4, 2016 ... This animal might look like a harmless, big-eyed baby ewok, but the slow loris is one of the only poisonous mammals in the world. Its subtle ...

Why slow lorises are not suitable pets | International Animal Rescue


Slow lorises are nocturnal animals. Therefore, being kept in a brightly lit room is incredibly uncomfortable and causes pain and suffering. • Slow lorises cannot ...

Are slow lorises really venomous? | Primatology.net


Oct 19, 2010 ... Observations from captive slow lorises show that when the animal is disturbed during handling, they secrete about 10 microliters (μL) of clear, ...

www.ask.com/youtube?q=Slow Loris Monkey&v=18-xvIjH8T4
Aug 12, 2012 ... Slow Loris eating a Rice Ball Domestically bred. Kinako and azuki was born in a ... International Animal Rescue IAR 1,569,144 views. 3:10.
www.ask.com/youtube?q=Slow Loris Monkey&v=tsLfdx00pFM
Oct 12, 2011 ... Her name is HOPE .. This monkey species is called SLOW LORIS Google it up, that is his official species name because they are so slow... it is ...
www.ask.com/youtube?q=Slow Loris Monkey&v=PZ5ACLVjYwM
Apr 26, 2009 ... a funny animal named LORIS loves getting tickled :o) http://bit.ly/14qLq8x.

YouTube sensation the slow loris might look adorable, but it can kill ...


Jan 20, 2012 ... The animal in the films is a 'slow loris', a nocturnal primate from Asia, a close cousin to monkeys. I've spent almost 20 years studying them and I ...

Stop tickling slow lorises, campaigners urge - Telegraph


Jun 15, 2015 ... A new campaign video 'Tickling is Torture' has been launched by the charity International Animal Rescue.

David Adam on the slow loris, the world's only venomous primate ...


Jul 5, 2009 ... International Animal Rescue is trying to decide what to do with the 31 toothless slow lorises it has collected from concerned tourists and sting ...

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The truth behind the slow loris pet trade | International Animal Rescue


If you come across a video or photo of a pet slow loris on the internet, please know that, while it may appear cute, the animal in the video is suffering and so is  ...

The Upsetting Truth Behind 'Cute' Slow Loris Videos - Huffington Post


Jun 17, 2015 ... The video is part of the animal welfare nonprofit's “Tickling is Torture” campaign, which seeks to end the illegal trade in slow lorises as pets.

Slow Loris | Duke Lemur Center


Slow lorises are one of three species of loris maintained at the Lemur Center (the ... are omnivorous, eating many different types of plant and animal material.