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Hey guys I know this sounds stupid but some of my friends smoke percocets I allways thought it was stupid bec of all te fillers binders and ...


Aug 25, 2012 ... When you smoke Percocet, the drug oxycodone enters the bloodstream through the tissues of the nose, which gets this narcotic pain killer to ...


May 21, 2012 ... Can you overdose on oxycodone when you smoke it? Yes, especially if ..... I smoked half a percocet 30mg how long will it stay in my system?


Aug 31, 2007 ... The first time we tried Percocet, we thought it was a novel idea to break the pills up into chunks and smoke them off a sheet of aluminum foil.

Mar 19, 2012 ... smokeout.


... gets about 160 a month, and when he gets his scripts i smoke about 8 during the weekend. ... I was smoking the Percocet 30s on tin foil and a plastic straw.


The researchers for the medical profession are now leaning towards changing the recommendation to a max of 2,500 mgs per day. There are 7.5 mg ...


Can you smoke percocet with weed. Aug 25, 2012 . Smoking Percocet with weed . It's not advisable to combine Percocet and weed. Both drugs depress the ...


Lab rats report that it can be smoked as a "foily", heating from underneath and chasing the dragon. The onset and strength are very rapid, so tell ...