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The smooth softshell turtle (Apalone mutica) is a species of softshell turtle of the family Trionychidae. The species is endemic to North America.

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The smooth softshell turtle inhabits large rivers of the central United States, preferring large unpolluted rivers with sandy substrate. The midland smooth softshell ...

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The smooth soft-shelled turtle (Apalone mutica ssp.) has two subspecies (A. m. mutica and A. m. calvata), and just as the name states, it has no spines, bumps or  ...

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Smooth softshell turtles are medium or large turtles that live in freshwater. They are called softshell turtles because their back shell is covered by skin, instead of  ...

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No, there is also a smooth softshell turtle. The major difference is that the spiny softshell has ridges on the front edge of the carapace (upper shell), whereas the  ...

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Mar 13, 2013 ... Smooth Softshell (Apalone mutica) ... The Spiny Softshell Turtle: Ontario Wildlife Video Series - Duration: 7:19. Ryan M. Bolton 16,926 views.

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Smooth Softshells make very good community turtles. They love to bury in sand with just their head exposed waiting to surprise a fish. They're excellent ...

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Humans and softshell turtles have a long history, not usually to the benefit of the ... Florida softshell (Apalone ferox) and the smooth softshell (Apalone mutica).

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Smooth softshell turtles are native to temperate areas of North America, ranging throughout the central and south-central United States. Their range extends from  ...

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Compared to other turtle species, the smooth softshell turtles are large. The carapaces of the females grow up to 14 inches in length. The male Smooth Softshell ...

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Range: Smooth softshells are found in the Mississippi River drainage and its ... Maintaining good water quality is key to maintaining healthy softshell turtles.

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They are the spiny softshell (Apalone spinifera), which is divided into seven subspecies; the smooth softshell (A. mutica), which is divided into two subspecies ; ...

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The most common in the pet trade and captivity are the smooth softshell (Apalone mutica), the Florida softshells (A. ferox) and the eastern spiny softshell turtles ...