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Common snapping turtle


The common snapping turtle (Chelydra serpentina) is a large freshwater turtle of the family Chelydridae. Its natural range extends from southeastern Canada, ...

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Sep 24, 2015 ... Snapping turtle jaw strength—while nothing to sneeze at—is somewhat overrated. Common snapping turtles can clamp down with up to 656.81 ...

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Like all turtles, snapping turtles have a shell that covers their back, also called a carapace. In snapping turtles the carapace is normally between 8 and 18 1/2 ...

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Learn more about the Common snapping turtle - with amazing Common snapping turtle videos, photos and facts on ARKive.

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Snapping turtles are large aquatic freshwater reptiles that only live in North America. There are only two species of snapping turtle that still exist, which are the ...

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The prehistoric-looking alligator snapping turtle is the largest freshwater turtle in North America and among the largest in the world. With its spiked shell, beaklike  ...

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PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Snapping turtles are from 8-19 inches long and weigh from 10 to 35 pounds. In VA., max known adult carapace length is 415 mm  ...

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Jul 14, 2015 ... Please SUBSCRIBE NOW! http://bit.ly/BWchannel Watch More - http://bit.ly/ BTgatorsnapper Alligator Snapping Turtle vs Common Snapping ...

Common Snapping Turtle


The Common Snapping Turtle is Virginia's largest turtle. It's carapace (top shell) will grow to 18 inches long, and they can weigh up to 45 pounds. Snapping ...

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In Missouri, alligator snapping turtles are protected, and it is illegal to harvest them.

Snapping Turtle
Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Class: Reptilia
Order: Testudines Family: Chelydridae Genus: Chelydra
Species: Chelydra serpentina
The Common Snapping Turtle can inhabit almost any body of freshwater; rivers, lakes, marshes, swamps, ponds, and streams are all home to this turtle. Some have even be found in brackish salt marshes... More »
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