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The definition of sociopolitical is something that involves both social and political factors. An example of something that is sociopolitical is the issue of ...

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Sociopolitical definition, of, relating to, or signifying the combination or interaction of social and political factors: the sociopolitical environment in Japan.

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adjective so·cio·po·lit·i·cal \ˌsō-sē-ō-pə-ˈli-ti-kəl, ˌsō-shē-\. Definition of sociopolitical. : of, relating to, or involving a combination of social and political factors.

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A socio-political analysis can be defined as a analysis of the social, political and economic factors that shape a particular environment and how these affect the ...

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Most companies have maintained or increased their efforts to address sociopolitical issues, and many have already derived better-than-expected benefits from ...

Socio-political Factors

www.educ.ualberta.ca/staff/olenka.bilash/best of bilash/sociopolitical_factors.html

Sociopolitical Factors in Teaching a Second Language. The Council of Europe, of which Canada is a member, promotes plurilingualism, linguistic diversity, ...

The Effect of Socio-Political and Economic Factors in the Creation of ...


Dietrich College of Humanities and Social Sciences. 2011. The Effect of Socio- Political and Economic Factors in the Creation of Caribbean Creoles. Emily Ferri.

Poverty, Socio-Political Factors and Degradation of the Environment


Emeka Polycarp Amechi, 'Poverty, Socio-Political Factors and Degradation of the Environment in Sub-Saharan Africa: The Need for a Holistic Approach to the.

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so·ci·o·po·li·ti·cal adj. Involving both social and political factors. American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fifth Edition. Copyright © 2011 by  ...

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The paper investigates the macro‐level influences, including the sociopolitical, cultural and economic factors that can stimulate or impede the emergence of ...

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36442 - GLB. Understanding Socio-economic and. Political Factors to Impact Policy Change. The World Bank. Social Development Department. November 2006 ...

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Definition of “sociopolitical” | The official Collins English Dictionary online. Comprehensive ... adjective. of, relating to, or involving both political and social factors ...

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Socio-political context is the overlapping of both political and social arenas. In a democratic society like the United States, the majority of issues have a ...